About Us

RTB Clean Eats is not your basic meal prep.  We set ourselves a part from the other meal prep companies by offering creative, clean eating through affordable, organic ingredients.  We are everyone's personal chef.  Don't hesitate to ask for a meal not listed on the site and let us know what you're craving this week!

*Option for meals that are packaged in eco-friendly and BPA-free containers. 

Be kind to your body.  It keeps you alive!

We always use healthy alternatives that taste the same!

RTB Clean Eats Vs. Other Companies

  • Organic/ Non Organic
  • Pink Himalayan Salt/ Table Salt
  • Coconut Aminos/ Soy Sauce
  • Ghee/ Butter
  • Honey/ White Sugar
  • Coconut Milk/ Dairy Milk
  • Gluten Free/ Gluten Used
  • Grass-Fed Beef/ Beef with Added Hormones

We offer all items with non organic for a less expensive option.  Email, call, or text us about it!